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by Will Csorba



"So in this way they erred about Eros, and on top of that both were simple-minded although very refined, saying nothing salutary true but putting on airs as if they were, trying to deceive a few little human folks and win their praise. Therefore, my friend, I need to be cleansed. Long ago there was a cleansing rite for those who erred when telling fables, one not known to Homer but familiar to Stesichorus. Made line because he slandered Helen's name, he, unlike Homer, did not fail to understand the reason why. Inspired by the Muses, he recognized the cause and immediately composed the following:

This account is not genuine --
nor did you set sail on the well-benched ships.
nor did you reach Troy's high citadel.

And once he composed this so-called Palinode, he immediately regained his sight. So I shall be wiser than both of them in just this one regard. Before I suffer at all on account of my slander of Eros, I shall try to make amends with a palinode, keeping my head bare this time and not covered as before in shame."

-Phaedrus (242e-243b)


released March 26, 2015



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Will Csorba Houston, Texas

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