High Water Everywhere (Houston, May 2015)

by Will Csorba




[Part 1]: There was some really rough weather here in Texas earlier this summer which caused alot of problems including some really bad flooding. I recorded this (actually a few separate recordings sort of pasted together) on my porch one night while a storm was passing and kept me from sleeping.

[Part 2]: An experiment of sorts and kind of "collage" put together with a tape recorder in the apartment i was living in recently.


"This 28-minute song is more about commemorating a moment in time than an exercise in songwriting. Behind a curtain of hissing rain, which he reveals in the liner notes was recording during Houston’s recent flooding, American primativist guitarist William Csorba weaves an acoustic story.

As with most American primativist influenced music, listeners are never exactly sure what that story actually is. We are supposed to fill in the specific details of what the wandering, fingerpicked guitar playing truly means. But what’s certain is that the combination of natural and manmade sounds is soothing–and even a bit psychedelic–in its lack of order and regularity.

The song is presented as one single track, but there is a rainy intermission around the 13-minute mark. And even at other points, there are brief pauses and changes of direction. While the main instrument is a guitar, which occasionally features slide playing, there are also glimmers of what sounds like banjo too. It might be the only musical monument that currently exists to a spell of bad weather that surely will go down in history for Houstonians and Texans, even if the rest of the world barely took notice."

-ReadyForTheHouston (readyforthehouston.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/william-csorba-high-water-everywhere-houston-may-2015/)


released July 16, 1915



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Will Csorba Houston, Texas

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